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"Italy opera Gemini" in Hangzhou Grand Theater shock

Concert Opera
2018-01-22 03:26
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In January 7, 2017, the opera night was held in the Opera Hall of Hangzhou Grand Theatre. The conductor Yang Yang, the famous director Enrico Kastrione of the Italy Taormina Music Festival, the famous opera singer of the Central Opera House Li Shuang, Guo Chengcheng, Jinchuan, Wang Yiqing, Liu Yiran, Ruan Yuqun, Xue Haoyin, the cattle, and the chorus of the Central Opera House together with the Hangzhou Philharmonic Orchestra and the Central Opera House. The two classical Italy operas, clown and country knights.

Ruggiero Leoncavallo's clown and Pietro Mascagni's country knights are often referred to as "opera Gemini". Since the stories of the two operas all took place in the southern part of Italy in 1890s, similar methods were used to achieve similar aesthetic goals and to show the real life of the civilian class, so it was always arranged to perform together.
The evening's performance was prelude to orchestral overture. Dressed as a clown's greeting from the audience Tonio probe, opened the prologue, a play within a play". The clown tells the tragic story of NANDA, the actress and Silvio in the village clown. Li Shuang, the head of the Central Opera House, the head of the tour troupe, the clown in the play, and the soprano Guo Chengcheng of the Central Opera House as Nada, the wife of the opera, shows the character and emotional entanglement of the play outside the opera.


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